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The Journal of Korean Society of Community-Based Occupational Therapy Vol.2 No.2 pp.15-23
A Study of Leisure Programs for Hemiplegia in Community Rehabilitation Center in Ulsan
Cho, Moo-Sin 춘해보건대학교 작업치료과
Key Words : Community rehabilitation center,Leisure activity,People with stroke


Objective : The study is to investigate current state of leisure activity in people with stroke (including leisure activity that people with stroke participate and hope, the reason why people with stroke paticipate in leisure activity, the cost that spent in leisure activity, and leisure activity satisfaction) on community rehabilitation center. Method : Frequency analysis were performed with the SPSS 12.0 statistics package program. Result : First, the findings showed that leisure activity participated most of people with stroke disabled appear as 'swimming', and appear sequence 'gate ball', 'yoga', 'energy gymnastics' on sports leisure activity. Second, the findings showed that leisure activity costs are fifth thousand won a month on average, most of people with stroke experienced satisfactory state in leisure activity. Third, the findings showed that leisure activity appeared to satisfaction 63.1% people with stroke disabled used the community rehabilitation center. Conclusion : First, The community rehabilitation center must develop leisure activity for people with stroke. Second, Leisure activity needs to support financial affairs. Third, leisure activity need professor for body function improve. Fourth, leisure activity must participates with the community sociaty
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