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The Journal of Korean Society of Community-Based Occupational Therapy Vol.6 No.1 pp.25-32
Correlation of Elderly Activity Level and Interpersonal Relationship
Kim, Hee-Jung 가야대학교 작업치료학과
Kim, Bo-Eun 가야대학교 작업치료학과
Kim, Eun-Seon 가야대학교 작업치료학과
Shin, Da-Eun 가야대학교 작업치료학과
Lee, So-Young 가야대학교 작업치료학과
Jung, Hyerim 가야대학교 작업치료학과
Key Words : Activity levels,Elderly people,Interpersonal relationships,K-ACS,RCS


Purpose : This study attempted to observe the correlation between the activity levels and interpersonal relationships of elderly people. Method : This study implemented the Relationship Change Scale (RCS) and the Korean Activity Card Sort (K-ACS) on elderly people who use community welfare centers in the Busan and Ulsan areas from May 28, 2015 to August 26, 2015. Results : Total ACS scores and sensitivity showed a high correlation with .326. Next, instrumental activities of daily living and sensitivity showed a high correlation of .287, and instrumental activities of daily living and sense of satisfaction showed a high correlation of .277. However, social activities showed no correlation with the subcategories of interpersonal relationships. Conclusion : People who adequately carry out their roles in daily living and enjoy leisure activities showed high scores in interpersonal relationship satisfaction, understandability, sensitivity, and openness. This shows that it is necessary for elderly people to have interest in successful aging such as participation in activities that exceed welfare through simple medical support or interpersonal relationships and in demands related to the quality of life.
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