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The Journal of Korean Society of Community-Based Occupational Therapy Vol.7 No.1 pp.1-8
The Effect of Vestibular Stimulation Activity on Visual Perception among University Students in the Age of Twenties
Hong, Ki-Hoon 가야대학교 작업치료학과
Hong, So-Young 고신대학교 작업치료학과
Key Words : Sensory integration,Vestibular stimulation activity,Visual perception


Objective : The purpose of this study was to identify the effect of vestibular stimulation activity on visual perception. Methods : A total of 58 healthy adults in chungnam was participated in this study. I divided into the total 3 groups and studied. Group A was no vestibular stimulation, they sat on general chair and performed the visual perception task. Group B and C sat on general chair and ball chair respectively, after vestibular stimulation activity and they performed visual perception task. I measured the visual perception task with the time. Results : There was a significant difference between Group A and B and C. There was no significant difference between group B and C. Conclusion : The result shows that the vestibular stimulation activity is effective for an improvement in visual perception.
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