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The Journal of Korean Society of Community-Based Occupational Therapy Vol.7 No.1 pp.37-47
A Study on Health Status' Factors Affecting HRQOL in the Elderly Stroke Patients With or Without Sequela
Kim, Souk-Boum 제주한라대학교 작업치료과
Kim, Dong-Hyun 김천대학교 작업치료학과
Key Words : HRQOL,Health related Quality of Life,HRQOL,Stroke,Sequela


Objective : The main purpose of this study was to analyze factors affecting a health related quality of life(HRQOL) in the elderly stroke patients with(Group 1) or without(Group 2) sequela. Methods : This survey performed secondary analysis with 'the fifth korea national health and nutrition examination survey', and investigated 91 elderly stroke patients over 65 years. Results : The results were as followed: HRQOL and self rated health had a significantly lower in Group 1(p<.05). In all groups, HRQOL was affected by self rated health(β=0.39), mental health, and medical health significantly(p<.05). In group 1, HRQOL was affected by mental health(β=0.45), self rated health significantly(p<.05). In group 2, HRQOL was affected by medical health(β=0.45), functional health, mental health significantly(p<.05). Conclusion : In order to improve the HRQOL of stroke patients during rehabilitative therapy, it is important that early detection and early intervention of depression and suicide, which affect mental health status, are important in the case of severe aftereffects. If the patient continues to support his/her current status regardless of aftereffects, he/she can improve the HRQOL with functional recovery of the stroke patient, and finally have a positive effect on the independence of the stroke patients.
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