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The Journal of Korean Society of Community-Based Occupational Therapy Vol.10 No.1 pp.39-49
Survey on the Care Burden and Quality of Life in Family Caregivers of Patients Using Home Mechanical Ventilator in Yeongnam Region, Korea
Son, Ju-Hyun 양산부산대학교병원 재활의학과 전공의
Moon, Myung-Hoon 큰솔병원 재활의학과 과장
Cho, Mi-Kyung 부산대학교병원 재활의학과 전공의
Yun, Ra-Yu 양산부산대학교병원 재활의학과 전임의
Huh, Sung-Chul 양산부산대학교병원 재활의학과 교수
Min, Ji-Hong 양산부산대학교병원 재활의학과 교수
Moon, Jung-In 양산부산대학교병원 작업치료실 팀장
Kim, Soo-Yeon 양산부산대학교병원 재활의학과 교수
Key Words : Home mechanical ventilator,Family,Care burden,Life quality


Objective : The aim of this study was to investigate the care burden and life quality in family caregivers of community-dwelling patients using home mechanical ventilator(HMV) in Yeognam region. Methods : Survey performed to family caregivers of the patients using HMV in Yeognam region, Korea. The questionnaire is composed with patient care and the burden on caring. Korean version of Short Form Zarit Burden Interview(K-ZBI-12) and 3-Level version of EuroQol-5 Dimension applying Korean weight(KEQ-5D-3L) were also investigated. Statistical significance was accepted for p<.05. Results : A total 98 out of 150 questionnaires were analyzed. The K-ZBI-12(33.08±10.34) had a correlation with KEQ-5D-3L(0.71±0.25) negatively(p=.038). Patients' age, duration of HMV, financial burden and professional caregivers' care time had correlations with K-ZBI-12 positively(p<.05). KEQ-5D-3L correlated duration of HMV negatively(p=.017). Invasive ventilator group had lower KEQ-5D-3L than the non-invasive ventilator group(p=.008). K-ZBI-12 was lower in more than one caregiver care of patients than in one(p=.001). Conclusion : This study revealed high care burden and low quality of life in family caregivers of the patients with HMV in Yeongnam region, Korea. Efforts are needed to continually identify the needs of patients and their families, and the socioeconomic support and medical services associated with HMV.
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