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The Journal of Korean Society of Community-Based Occupational Therapy Vol.12 No.3 pp.15-25
The Development an Instrument for Assessment of Competency-Based Occupational Therapy Majors
Hong, So-Young 고신대학교 의료과학대학 작업치료학과
Kim, Hee-Jung 고신대학교 의료과학대학 작업치료학과
Key Words : Assessment tools,Competency,Occupational therapy major education


Objective : This study was conducted to develop a assessment tool that can diagnose competencies of occupational therapy major education. Methods : From September 2019 to February 2021, preliminary questions were prepared through analysis of previous a literature review and expert focus meetings, and content validity verification was conducted through an expert panel. This survey question was selected through the second expert focus meeting for items that meet the conditions of items with a content validity of .29 or higher and a standard deviation of less than 1.0. The final question was selected by conducting an exploratory factor analysis on 38 questions in this survey. Results : The finally derived assessment items for occupational therapy major education consisted of 3 categories and 30 factors. The reliability is with 17 questions of major knowledge application ability, 8 questions of ethical consciousness and communication skills ability, and 5 questions of attitude and practical ability(α=.978). Conclusion : The assessment tool developed in this study was presented for objective evaluation of occupational therapy major education. By using the results of this study to evaluate the major competency of students majoring in occupational therapy, it will be possible to help develop and reorganize the major curriculum.
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